Join Ripple at Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payments

A lot has happened since Bitcoin 2012.

Bitcoin’s value surpassed the currencies of 20 countries. Bitcoin suffered, and survived, a block chain fork. FinCen issued regulatory guidelines on virtual currencies. There was a peak, a crash, and a rebound. VC firms got into math-based money technologies in a major way. The media went Bitcoin crazy. And… the Ripple payment system and distributed currency exchange had its beta debut.

In other words, we’ve got lots to talk about.

Bitcoin 2013: The Future of Payment kicks off on Thursday in San Jose. We hope you can make it. The OpenCoin exhibit is in booth #4. We’re doing client demos, showing off our live network graph, and explaining how Ripple can help bring Bitcoin and math-based money systems to the mainstream. We hope you can stop by, say hi, and discuss the big question: where will we be in 2014?

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