GB-2015-05: Historical Ledger Query Migration

In the past, Ripple Labs has supplied the rippled cluster,, with full historical ledgers and transactions for public access. Moving forward, we would like to inform our partners and community to migrate to the Historical Database. Instructions for migration are linked below. will no longer store full history and provide the ability to query for historical ledgers and transactions.

In order to continue providing interested parties with historical data, Ripple Labs will be offering a REST based service that will provide the ability to query against all historical transactions based upon a specific Ripple address. This however will not address the ability to retrieve historical ledger states or historical order books.

Action Required For Historical Ledger Queries

Starting on May 1, 2015, the public rippled cluster will store 1 month of ledger history. Please consider one of the options below if historical data is needed:

  • To access historical transactions per account (account_tx and tx calls) :
  • To access historical ledgers and order books
    • Configure and start your own full history rippled server
    • Use public cluster.