GB-2015-06: Corrections to Autobridging



Ripple Labs recently deployed a new feature to the Ripple network called autobridging. An error in the autobridging implementation caused some gateways to erroneously hold small balances. This error has been corrected. The total value miscredited across the Ripple network as a result of this error was less than $10.

Ripple Labs recommends gateways forgive these small errors. A gateway can forgive these errors by auditing their cold wallet balances for unwanted positive values and then using a payment transaction to zero those positive balances. This has the benefit of (1) the gateway not holding unwanted 3rd party balances in their cold wallet and (2) simplifying future audits by eliminating unnecessary balances.

The fix is currently deployed and may cause rippled servers not running the latest release to reacquire sync slightly more often than normal. Optionally, to avoid unnecessary resyncs, rippled servers can be upgraded to the latest release:


The latest release of rippled can be found on Github.

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