Bring your NFTs to life on the XRP Ledger

Creator Fund

The Creator Fund is a $250M commitment to help indie creators bring their NFT projects to market on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

NFT experiences spanning the creator economy

NFTs have the potential to accelerate the creator economy and inspire new business models. From musicians and artists, to film producers and fitness instructors, the Creator Fund enables indie creators to explore what's possible with NFTs through technical, creative and community support.

When wave 2 opens, apply to bring your innovations to life on the ultra-fast, low-cost and carbon-neutral XRPL. Creator Fund applicants do not need to have technical experience to apply.

In collaboration with our partners

Developers: build your next project on the XRP Ledger

The Creator Fund is for creators, but if you're a developer looking for funding and mentorship—whether for an NFT project or any other blockchain-based innovation—check out XRPL Grants. This program funds select open-source projects that help the growing XRP Ledger community.

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Ripple Creator Fund FAQs