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goLance grows its global talent marketplace with faster, cheaper payments through RippleNet.

Goal: To expand its role as a thriving global talent marketplace.

Solution: RippleNet enables goLance clients to pay freelance talent in the Philippines faster and more cost-effectively than ever before. The company is now using RippleNet to open up new efficient corridors to Europe and Mexico as it continues its drive for global growth.

About goLance

Online hiring and payments platform connecting businesses and entrepreneurs with freelance talent from the world


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“We know that a lot of our freelancers are hyper-sensitive about how long it takes to be paid and how much it costs them. Caring about these things hasn’t traditionally been profitable for us. With RippleNet, we now have hyper-efficient, low-cost payments that are driving growth for our business.”

Michael Brooks, Founder and President at goLance - photo

Michael Brooks, Founder and President at goLance

Growing the Gig Economy with
Faster, Low-Cost Payments

goLance is an online marketplace that connects businesses and entrepreneurs with freelance talent from all around the world. The company uses RippleNet to make it cheaper for its clients to pay the people they hire via the platform, while giving freelancers faster access to the money they earn via goLance. Today, goLance uses On-Demand Liquidity on RippleNet to reduce its operational costs and process all payments to Filipino freelancers at unprecedented speeds. With freelancers now paying less fees while getting paid faster and their clients getting more for their money, goLance has experienced explosive growth. The company is set to expand RippleNet payments to Europe and Mexico and expects Ripple to play a major role in its long-term future.