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About MoneyNetint company logo

RippleNet gives MoneyNetint easy access to new corridors.

Goal: MoneyNetint wanted to provide new and existing clients with more places to receive and disburse payments, an important market differentiation in the competitive cross-border payments market.

Solution: Being part of RippleNet allows MoneyNetint to offer its global clients the ability to receive customer payments locally, making them faster and cheaper.

About MoneyNetint

A financial services company based in the U.K. providing cross-border receipts and payments to corporate clients around the world


Development time for going live on RippleNet


Monthly transactions from Brazil to Europe


MoneyNetint founded

“We localize payments for our corporate customers so they can receive and pay out cross-border transactions for far less commission than going through traditional payment providers.”

Raphi Golan, Sales and Marketing Director at MoneyNetint - photo

Raphi Golan, Sales and Marketing Director at MoneyNetint

International Payments Made Simple

For many global businesses, developing relationships with banks in key regions like the EU and U.S. is difficult. With RippleNet, MoneyNetint quickly plugged into a pre-existing network, making it easier for its clients to receive payments in local markets and effectively disperse them to more places than ever before. For example, a Brazilian client is able to receive Euros, sterling and other currencies from European customers while utilizing the same multi-currency account to send transactions anywhere in the world over the RippleNet. By opening up new payment corridors in this way, MoneyNetint is using RippleNet to help existing clients expand their local operations and attract new clients that want to tap previously inaccessible markets around the world.