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REMITR is fueling business growth from Canada to the rest of the world.

Goal: REMITR needed a solution to more efficiently connect with new partners and build reach.

Solution: RippleNet gave REMITR standardized access to a large pool of new, trusted partners.


The stress-free alternative to wire transfers for businesses operating within and outside of Canada


New markets opened on RippleNet in two weeks


Countries available for REMITR customers


REMITR founded

“RippleNet gave us access to a wider, trusted network of partners who could move as quickly as we do to connect and provide services in new regions. And, this expanded reach gives our customers the ability to compete in the global marketplace more effectively than ever before.”

Kanchan Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO at REMITR

A New Threshold for Growth

Two weeks after joining RippleNet, REMITR began sending and receiving payments to three new countries on the network. The new RippleNet partnerships allowed the company to expand its services to Africa, making REMITR among the first to offer a diverse suite of fast, affordable and reliable payments from Canada to this region. This is just the beginning of REMITR’s expansion. By connecting with several partners on RippleNet, the payment provider plans to offer services in Latin American and the Middle East. REMITR has a new level of access and a competitive edge through the speed of integration and vast network of partners on RippleNet.