Topic: Distributed FX

A universal translator for money

Trading currencies has never been so easy. Ripple’s distributed currency exchange allows anyone to trade currencies on a global network. Trades are peer-to-peer, automatic, and have no fees or added margins. The result is complete currency choice: you can hold, send, and receive whatever currency you prefer.

Direct FX

Currency trades on Ripple are direct and peer-to-peer. Trades are automatically processed by the Ripple protocol. There are no brokers, middlemen, or intermediaries.

No Fees

No fees or added margins. One buyer, one seller, one price -- the way a trade should be.

All Currencies

Ripple is the only currency exchange that allows trading in all currencies. National currencies, virtual currencies, commodities, frequent flier miles, mobile minutes, and more — any unit of value can be traded.

Instant Processing

The Ripple protocol automatically matches the best available exchange orders and instantly processes the exchange.

Currency Choice

Ripple gives you complete currency choice: you can hold, trade, send, and receive any currency you want, all without brokers, intermediaries, or fees. It is a Forex marketplace unlike anything that has ever existed.

Cross-Currency Payments

Thanks to the distributed currency exchange, buyers can pay in any currency and sellers can receive another. Send a payment in dollars, euros, pounds and it can arrive as yen, rupees, or yuan. The exchange automatically happens at the best available rate, with no added margins or fees.

Global Marketplace

For the first time, everyone has access to a global currency market without restrictions or fees. You can place orders of any size, in any currency, and the Ripple protocol automatically matches buyers and sellers.


Because Ripple is a distributed system, it has no single point of weakness or attack, and no one has special access to the network. As a result it is protected from the price-manipulation associated with traditional currency exchanges. As further safeguards, the XRP security system prevents the network from abuse, and the dynamic scalability system allows the network to process exchange orders even under extreme load.

Everyone Is a Market Maker

Whether you’re a professional currency trader, simply seeking to diversify your currency assets, a consumer making an international purchase, or a tourist travelling abroad -- everyone has direct access to a global currency marketplace.

Accelerated Global Economy

The Internet has made the global economy more accessible, but the cost and complication of currency exchange has been a powerful barrier to international commerce. Ripple’s distributed currency exchange brings down that barrier and changes the rules for FX.

Smart Contracts (coming soon)

Ripple Smart Contracts is a scripting language built into RTXP that allows complex financial instruments to be fully automated. Subscriptions, escrow, auctions, crowd-funding, and more -- the possibilities of smart contracts are limitless.

“Contracts makes Ripple extensible. It lets other developers come in and add completely new features to the Ripple network. It’s every engineer’s dream to work on a component like this.”
—Stefan Thomas, CTO at Ripple Labs
Federation API

The Federation API is a simple naming protocol based on the same conventions as email. Customers at one business can send payments to customers at another simply by specifying a destination domain. For example, Bob could send a payment to Alice by directing his payment to

Capture the Spread

Because so many currencies and payments flow through Ripple, there is a constant demand for liquidity. This creates a fantastic opportunity for market makers to turn a profit and provide a valuable service.