Announcing the Quarterly XRP Market Operations Report

Image: Shutterstock

In an effort to continually improve the health of XRP markets globally, we are announcing the future release of the quarterly XRP Market Operations Report. Starting in January, Ripple will begin publishing the following:

  • Upcoming quarter XRP sales target
  • XRP sales performance versus previous quarter target
  • Commentary on previous quarter price movement
  • Announcements of new third-party wallets, exchanges, validators and market makers

As we work to develop XRP into an efficient digital asset, we want to assure markets of our intentions and build a track record of trust with respect to XRP distribution. We also want to inform the markets about what’s happening inside the XRP ecosystem as we continue our efforts to grow it.

XRP is core to Ripple’s strategy, and the time is right for us to feature XRP more prominently. Over the last few years, we have been methodical in our approach to reengineering global payments. Our enterprise solution, the Interledger Protocol and the Global Payments Steering Group are gaining traction and creating demand for more liquidity to fund payments. With these building blocks in place, XRP can play a critical role in the future of liquidity management by serving as a primary value transfer mechanism. This is why now is the perfect time to focus on growing the accessibility and adoption of XRP.

Network interoperability is crucial for the Internet of Value, a world where value moves as seamlessly as information does today. The key to this interoperability is liquidity: tighter spreads and deeper order books. Liquid, stable, transparent and global XRP markets make Ripple more cost-effective for international payments, while driving greater adoption and strengthening the global financial infrastructure.

Over the next few months, please expect more XRP-related content, information, and news about making XRP the most efficient digital asset in the world.