Announcing Ripple Brand Guidelines

Since the Ripple project was open-sourced in September of 2013, there has been a swell of interest in building new services and businesses on top of the protocol. As the momentum continues to accelerate, we want developers to be armed with the assets and knowledge to effectively brand their product offerings.

As such, we’re pleased to announce the release of Brand Guidelines in the Ripple Developer Portal. In addition to explaining proper use of the Ripple logo and trademark, this page is also a repository for the most up-to-date assets that you can make use of when launching a gateway, wallet, mobile app, or whatever you may be working on.

In addition to the Ripple marks we all know and love, we’ve created “Built on Ripple” badges to let your customers know that your product is taking advantage of the speed and security of the Ripple protocol.

Businesses that have used the Ripple name and logo prior to the release of these guidelines can continue to operate with their established brands. Our intention in releasing these guidelines is to promote a healthy Ripple ecosystem so uprooting growing businesses would hurt more than help.

For posterity’s sake, we’ve outlined some acceptable and unacceptable uses of the Ripple logo and trademark. These guidelines are intended to encourage creative modification and reuse of the Ripple triskelion – similar to how cultures throughout millennia have appropriated the beauty and rotational symmetry of this design in a manner that speaks to their unique civilizations. We hope that you find similar inspiration in your branding as you work to build the future of payments!