Cult of Code: Developers’ Advice on Building for Ripple

Staring at a blank canvas is daunting. The artist may have a hundred ideas swimming through his head, a vague concept he doesn’t know how to execute, or – the most daunting – no ideas. It sometimes takes his peers to inspire or guide him to put brush to canvas.

Developing for the world’s first distributed payment network and currency exchange may feel similarly daunting. Now completely open-source, Ripple challenges developers to think creatively about the problems they can solve building on a global, decentralized, currency-agnostic payment network. Think: fast and free remittance, user-friendly merchant tools or reinventing finance.

To help spark the fire, three early Ripple developers share their advice for new developers to the Ripple Community.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 3.38.57 PMWho: Peercover

What: Distributed insurance that allows people to become their own insurance companies, set terms, pick payment and reward models, and more.

Advice: “Whatever you want to do, go to the official Ripple Forum first to propose and discuss your idea. The community size and dedication is perfect right now to get serious feedback quickly. Find allies. For Peercover’s technical engine, we chose Handlebars and Bootstrap, Node.js and nginx, lots of WebSocket, and a rippled validator running on our server for the fastest response times.” — Wolfgang Spraul

“Find solace in transparency. If you are confident in sharing your ideas, opening your mind, and presenting what you can offer to the world, the world will make use of that offering in the most efficient manner.” — Jared Mimms


What: A gateway that also does the heavy lifting for distributing dividend payments.

Advice: “While there is potential for large US Dollar and Euro gateways, DividendRippler sees potential for small, specific gateways – such as gift cards, store credit and coupons. A new, innovative gateway can touch transactions in ways not originally intended, which is beneficial for everyone involved.” — Timothy Skarecky

BobWho: Goodwill

What: The first distributively issued virtual currency that Ripple Forum members issue to other members to thank them for their help.

Advice: “The best thing about Ripple is that if you have an idea you can just implement immediately. I had the idea of a tipping currency based on the LETS model. I had no idea if people would use it, abuse it, or ignore it. The best way to find out was to just implement it. Turned out to be the best 30 minute project ever.” — Bob Way [Ripple Labs employee]

Now that Ripple is open-source, our team, which we just rebranded to Ripple Labs, is focused on building Contracts and attracting gateways and merchants to the Network.

To begin building, please visit We also welcome you to meet us at the Ripple Developer Conference 2013 to learn more about developing for Ripple and to network with other disruptive developers.