Chris Larsen at Davos: The Merging of the Web, the Physical Web and the Value Web


MIT interviews Chris in Davos. Photo: MIT

As the FT reported, fintech has been a primary focus at the World Economic Forum. has a nice little write up on the fintech scene on the ground at Davos—that fintech upstarts are here to partner up with established players rather than disrupt.

That’s very much in line with the ethos here at Ripple.  You can read more on the benefits of collaboration in our interview with Mariano Belinky of Santander InnoVentures. [Santander is an investor in Ripple.]

The report also includes a video interview with Ripple co-founder and CEO Chris Larsen, what discusses the important role of the Internet of Value in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution:

When you think about the Fourth Industrial Revolution, this is all about the Web merging together with the Physical Web merging together with the Human Web. I would add another one to that and we would call that the Internet of Value.

If you think terms of where we are going, which are not only interconnected, but actually hold small amounts of value so they could literally be economic actors themselves. So our phones, our cars aren’t just trading information, they’re actually exchanging payments and money with people, with each other and with companies. That just really opens up the scope of where our global economy is going. We think this is a key part of the puzzle of trying to make this Fourth Industrial Revolution as positive and productive for people.