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Deconstructing Finance

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Last weekend, Xpring co-hosted an event at London Blockchain Labs, titled “Deconstructing DeFi,” with Vega Protocol and Fabric Ventures. Speakers from Coinbase, Consensys, and other leaders in the crypto space also attended.

The event hosted around 100 developers with technical discussions around key topics in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) such as: security, privacy, staking, tools, and risks.

Xpring hosted a workshop, at which our lead engineer Keefer Taylor, demonstrated how to use the Xpring SDK in order to: (1) create a wallet, (2) send a payment, (3) confirm a transaction, and (4) check a balance – in less than 22 lines of code.

We believe that blockchain technology is the deconstruction of finance, down to its core components, with payments being the first part through the implementation of crypto currencies such as BTC, ETH, and XRP.

As the world braces for change in global economic conditions, we believe that blockchain technology can serve as an integral tool for developers to put the pieces back together.

Help us build a better financial world on Xpring.

P.S. We’re hiring.

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