2023 New Value Report

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Without a doubt, the last few weeks have been difficult for families, friends and businesses all over the world, as everyone adjusts to new working conditions.

During this time, many businesses have temporarily shut their doors in an attempt to responsibly “flatten the curve” of spreading Coronavirus.

This is an important sacrifice to save lives.

Fortunately, technology has prepared a lot of these businesses to continue functioning at full steam with very little disruption.

Xpring is still open for business.

In fact, Xpring is default open for business, all the time, meaning developers don’t even need our permission to work with us and use our technology to bring their products and apps to market.

Xpring is an open platform built on open source software, open standards, open protocols and open networks.

So, from the ground up, our technology stack is completely open and free to use.

Our distributed engineers wake up every morning to make incremental improvements across the various open source repositories and projects that we maintain and contribute to:

Reference Wallet





We also love hearing from developers on our forum, about new use cases they are building, experiences they have had using the platform, challenges they have faced and suggestions they propose on ways in which we can improve the platform for everyone, everywhere.  

We believe in the power of openness and look forward to working with the 20+ million developers all over the world to help build the Internet of Value.

Our repos are always open.

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