2023 New Value Report

Demystifying Digital Assets Part 1

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While blockchain and digital assets have become increasingly popular, it’s hard for many outside the industry to see beyond the buzz. The adoption of the technology combined with the right digital asset can provide benefits that can drastically improve the way financial institutions do business.

At Ripple, our mission is to revolutionize cross-border payments using both blockchain technology and XRP — the only digital asset designed for enterprise use. Over the last five years, we’ve been on the frontlines of the adoption and application of the blockchain, so we believe it’s only right to share the insights we’ve discovered.

Working together with Oanda — a leading global provider for foreign exchange data services and payments solutions — we’ve co-authored a mini thought leadership series to sort through the excitement for blockchain and digital assets to help readers understand the technology, its benefits, challenges and applications.

This first post examines how and why blockchain technology has been adopted by financial institutions around the world. It takes a look at the use cases for digital assets and how, specifically, XRP is used by financial institutions today. It also looks at potential uses for XRP in the broader B2B space. We’re excited to share this partnership and series of posts. Please check it out here.

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