Demystifying Digital Assets Part 4

Blockchain technology has already had incredibly beneficial impacts on everything from medical research to food supply-chain issues — but in the array of potential applications the world sees in the technology —  one of the most impactful could be in changing the way money moves around the world.

With more than five leading financial institutions piloting xRapid, Ripple’s on-demand liquidity solution that uses the digital asset XRP, we’re now closer than ever to a point where trillions in dormant capital around the world used in traditional cross-border payments could potentially be released.

This freed capital combined with the lower cost and on-demand speed that uses a digital asset like XRP provides for international payments, means we are moving a step closer to an Internet of Value, where money can move like information.

In our final piece of our partnership series with Oanda, we examine how blockchain powered digital assets can completely change how liquidity is sourced for global payments. Check out the piece here.