2023 New Value Report

Devs, we’re listening…

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In October, we launched Xpring as an open platform for money to help developers easily integrate payments into their products.

In December, we released the Xpring Wallet for XRP Ledger Testnet and the Xpring SDK for developers to get started integrating payments into their applications.

Both updates were fueled by countless conversations with developers about the need to provide better tools, services and programs for payments that are open by default.

Today, in order to further engage the growing developer community across the world, we are rolling out a forum and community page, as part of a new function at Xpring, called developer relations (DevRel for short).

What is DevRel?

Good question. At Xpring, product and engineering is the heart and soul of our team, and makes up over 80% of our headcount. Given that, we think of DevRel as the ears and mouth of Xpring. We also believe that we have two ears and one mouth for a reason – to listen more than we speak. 🙂

At Xpring, we engage developers in three different ways:

  1. Content
  2. Events
  3. Support

Today, we’re focused on producing the content that makes it easier for developers to access blockchain technology and digital assets through: technical documentation, sample code, tutorials, video demos; and also written posts on our blog and (new!)forum. If you’re the Twitter type, then you can also follow us on @XpringDev for more frequent updates. We view content as a way to extend our reach to engage the 20+ million developers around the world.

We are also increasing our presence at events globally –  including hackathons, conferences and meetups – to meet and engage with you directly. We use events as a way to gain valuable insights and direct feedback from developers, on the tools, services and programs that we’re building.

Finally, we provide technical support through dedicated partner engineers and channels for helping developers in real-time with all their payment needs. We’ll share more on this function later.

In the meantime, we’re listening…

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