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Faster Cross-Border Payments Shouldn’t Require a Boarding Pass

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If you’ve ever had to send money abroad, then you know the process is frustrating. It’s expensive, slow and you often don’t know when, or even if, your money arrived. The cross-border payments infrastructure is antiquated and broken.

It’s a system that was built when disco still topped the charts, and its functionality sits in stark contrast to the digital services we now expect. It is no longer adequate for today’s world: where information moves freely and instantly around the globe.

It’s still faster to get on a plane and fly money to the destination yourself, then it is to send money to another country using traditional financial infrastructure.

Frictionless global payments with Ripple

Ripple offers a different way. Our mission is to remove the friction from global payments and enable money to move like information does today — instantly. This means working with banks and payment providers to modernize existing systems using new blockchain technology and digital assets.

More specifically, we’ve built a decentralized network of financial institutions called RippleNet that can send and settle international payments on-demand. RippleNet is now active in over 40 countries across six continents and allows those on RippleNet to provide a faster, cheaper and more transparent payments experience for their customers around the world.

If you or your business needs a better solution for global payments, don’t buy a ticket or hop on a plane. Make sure your bank or payment provider runs on Ripple.

For more information or to learn more about how to join RippleNet, contact us.

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