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Fintech Follow Friday

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Water cooler conversation with the whole fintech world. Photo: David Restivo

This is part of a series of recommendations on who to follow in fintech social media. Stay tuned for more. #FintechFollowFriday

Fintech Twitter is like a shared water cooler between finance and technology. If you’re looking to join the conversation, these are our recommendations on who you should follow.


Simon Taylor @sytaylor

Simon Taylor is a self-proclaimed fintech geek, and his timeline is his proof. His tweets are eclectic — touching on banking, technology, and startups. However, his key interest is blockchain technology, and if you’re interested in that subject he’s definitely one to follow.



Laura Spiekerman @lauraspiekerman

If you’re fascinated by the interaction between payments and the rest of the fintech sphere, Laura Spiekerman’s timeline is where you want to be. She also tweets about compliance and regulations, tech culture, and income inequality. Additionally, she often gives an insightful view of life in San Francisco.


Jim Bruene @netbanker

Founder of The Finovate Group Jim Bruene is passionate about the mobile payments revolution and the way it’s shaping the larger financial world. His tweets are informative and timely, always on the edge of breaking news and pointing out firsts. This timeline never slows down and never disappoints.




Marleen Van Kammen @MvKtweeter

Marleen van Kammen is Vice President of Global Corporate Initiatives at Visa, and her subjects of discussion are as varied and as compelling as that title suggests. Her tweets about the importance of women in leadership roles connect directly to her experience in finance, and her ethos comes through loud and clear in her curated retweets.


Gillaume Lebleu @giyom

At the top of Gillaume Lebleu’s timeline, you’ll find a pinned tweet from 2012 that is notably prescient about the future of clearing. Lebleu’s visionary edge didn’t end two years ago; it stays sharp and on display in his tweets about technology, currency, and the way the world moves money.



Erin McCune @erinmccune

Glenbook Partners Managing Partner Erin McCune orbits the payments sphere faster than most, and tweets links to her own insights that will keep the reader thinking for hours afterward. She’s the author of “There is No Such Thing as an International Wire,” which is a ground-breaking piece of thought leadership in international payments. She also shares content that seems to anticipate what the fintech sphere will be buzzing about days or sometimes weeks later. Follow her to stay ahead.

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