Fintech Follow Friday

There’s more than one way to stay informed. Photo: Jon S

This is part of a series of recommendations on who to follow in fintech social media. Stay tuned for more. #FintechFollowFriday

For many users, checking Twitter occupies the place in our morning held by the newspaper a generation ago. The newspaper hasn’t disappeared, but Twitter provides more information faster and from more sources than any physical media ever could. Fintech Twitter has it all: breaking news, a lively and pointed opinion section, and a custom-made business report made up only of the things the reader wants to know. If your timeline is lacking in any of these attributes, we have suggestions on how you can get more out of your morning.


Adizah Tejani @adizah_tejani

Adizah Tejani is the Head of Ecosystem Development at Level39, a startup community in London. Her tweets are a mixture of fintech news, passion for startups, and her focus on inclusive community in both of those spaces. Hers is a great timeline to follow if you’re interested in the UK fintech startup scene.


Ian Renwood @Irenwood

Ian Renwood is an Associate Partner in Banking and Financial Markets at IBM in Sydney. Renwood’s timeline reflects a lot of  knowledge on fintech innovation, combined with years of experience in a progressive industry. Follow him for a geographically broad and varied set of interests and observations.



Scarlett Sieber @scarlettsieber

Scarlett Sieber is Senior Vice President of Open Innovation at BBVA, and her timeline focuses on the role of banks in the difference that fintech is making in the world. Her retweets are carefully curated and she summarizes the most compelling points succinctly and with style. If you’re interested in the way fintech changes what we do and even who we are, follow Scarlett Sieber.


Mariano Belinky @belimad

Mariano Belinky’s timeline stands out for the strength of the author’s opinions. This former McKinsey Associate Principal is currently a Managing Partner at Santander Innoventures, and his insight is as piercing as that pedigree would suggest. Belinky tweets in a forthright, fearless voice, adding commentary to the most pressing news of the day, often skewering what he deems inconsequential or uninteresting. If you want to keep it real, follow @belimad.


Chris Skinner @chris_skinner

Author of and several books about the credit crisis and the future of banking, Chris Skinner has been recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a top fintech influencer. He wields that influence on Twitter with easy aplomb and the experience of a veteran, and does not mince words.



Christine Duhaime @cduhaime

It’s tough to find people who talk frankly and conversationally around such huge issues as anti-money laundering and terrorist financing in the fintech world, let alone the concepts of financial inclusion and worldwide inequality. Christine Duhaime offers all that and more, on a timeline that manages to be both funny and useful. This Toronto-based attorney is the founder of the Digital Finance Institute, a think tank with specifically inclusive goals for the future of fintech.

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