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Fintech Twitter is like a global cocktail party. Photo: L.C. Nøttaasen

This is part of a series of recommendations on who to follow in fintech social media. Stay tuned for more. #FintechFollowFriday

Twitter at its best like a cocktail party. The key players in fintech Twitter are the ones who add their thoughts and opinions to the stories of the day, enriching it with their experience and acumen. The result is like a cocktail party that includes people from around the world, where conversations move fast and take on unexpected dimensions. Here are some of the voices that are steering the conversation:


Jeremy Light @jeremylight3

Jeremy light is the Managing Director of Accenture Payment Services, and is always thinking a few moves ahead on the future of payments. His timeline focuses on innovation in payment systems, and features his well-informed commentary on emerging technologies such as distributed ledgers. Follow him to keep from falling behind.


Tom Groenfeldt @tomgroenfeldt

Tom Groenfeldt writes for Forbes about financial technology and other publications on a varied range of subjects. His timeline offers insight to the biggest fintech news as it breaks, as well as commentary on US politics and perspectives on art. If your timeline is too repetitive, follow Groenfeldt to vary it up.


Duena Blomstrom @duenablomstrom

Duena Blomstrom is an independent fintech and strategy consultant, and was named one of CityAM’s most influential people in fintech in 2015. Blomstrom’s timeline focuses on the interplay between fintech and behavioral science, a phenomenon she often refers to as “emotional banking.” Follow her for insights on how human expectations shape the fintech world.


Neal Cross @neal_x

Neal Cross is Chief Innovation Officer at DBS Bank in Singapore, and his tweets reflect a well-informed interest in the way that banks can integrate with game-changing technology. If you’re looking to follow thought leaders in fintech to Southeast Asia, Neal Cross is an informative and well-connected starting point.


Anna Irrera @annairrera

Anna Irrera writes on trading and technology at Financial News, a Dow Jones newspaper in London. When she’s not sharing her own articles and opinions, she curates links to stories that explore the connection between innovation and established financial institutions. Her recent timeline focuses on possible trading applications for blockchain technology, as well as tech stock and investment news.

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