Fintech Follow Friday


Fintech Twitter is like a trip to the library. Photo: Stewart Butterfield

This is part of a series of recommendations on who to follow in fintech social media. Stay tuned for more. #FintechFollowFriday

Fintech Twitter is like a trip to the library. For free, you can browse the thoughts and publications of experts and influential thinkers while enjoying the company of others doing the same. In some cases, as with the authors on this list, you may even be inspired to pick up a new book to read.


Steve Weiner @steve_wein

Steve Weiner is a co-founder of Wharton Fintech, a student-led initiative at the University of Pennsylvania business school, dedicated to sharing news about the fintech world. His timeline is an entertaining mix of snark and sensibility, and offers insight into the financial habits of millennials.


Eileen Burbidge @eileentso

Eileen Burbidge is a fintech investor (Passion Capital) of such well-known clout that Forbes called her the “queen of British VCs”. Her Silicon Valley background includes stints at Yahoo, Apple, and Sun Microsystems—but her timeline indicates a recent shift in focus toward fintech and all its possibilities. Follow her for an insider view of the UK and Australia fintech scenes.


Sam Maule @sammaule

A member of Twitter’s intriguing FinTech Mafia, Sam Maule is an Emerging Payments Practice Lead at Carlisle & Gallagher Consulting with a rich timeline on the business, culture, and evolution of the financial technology space. Maule was named one of 30 innovators to watch by Bank Innovation, but they didn’t mention his clever use of memes on Twitter.


Kosta Peric @copernicc

Kosta Peric is the Deputy Director of Financial Services for the Poor at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as spearheading the Level One Project for an equitable digital payments system.  A co-founder of SWIFT’s Innotribe, he is also the author of “The Castle and the Sandbox,” a book inspired by Innotribe’s mission of encouraging open innovation to transform change-averse corporate cultures. His timeline is a great resource for anyone interested in financial inclusion, as well as a running calendar of most of the top-notch fintech events.


Paul Vigna @paulvigna

Paul Vigna takes the long view when it comes to financial systems and their patterns. He works as a Wall St. Journal reporter and co-authored “The Age of Cryptocurrency,” along with Mike Casey, his former partner on BitBeat at the WSJ.  Commenting on the rapid changes in the fintech sphere, Vigna applies his knowledge of how things have changed in the past to his ideas of how they will change in the future. Follow him for this unusual perspective.

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