Fintech Follow Friday


Fintech Twitter is like a trip to the cafe. Photo: Trophygeek

This is part of a series of recommendations on who to follow in fintech social media. Stay tuned for more. #FintechFollowFriday

Checking in with fintech Twitter is like making a stop at your favorite cafe. It’s stimulating, both in content and company. It provides conversational interaction while you pick up the headlines of the day.


Dave Birch @dgwbirch

An advocate for the concept of social capital as the future of banking, Dave Birch is Director at Consult Hyperion in the UK and uses his timeline to express his abiding interest in the way identities are governed and secured online. On a related note, Birch should win an award for his LinkedIn tagline.


Gemma Godfrey @GCGodfrey

CityAM’s fintech powerlist does not feature many women, but the current #1 is Gemma Godfrey, Head of Investment Strategy at Brooks McDonald. Her timeline offers her point of view on topics from the utility of social media to the Grexit. She also delivered a memorable speech on how to K.I.S.S at TEDxWallStreet.


Claire Calmejane @ccalmeja

Claire Calmejane is Director of Innovation at Lloyds Banking Group and a coauthor of a 2011 MIT Sloan publication on the digital transformation for billion-dollar organizations. She’s on multiple fintech powerlists, including Financial News, CityAM, and the Financial Brand. Her timeline is heavily events-focused, and provides a remote point of view at conferences and presentations.


Louise Beaumont @LouiseHBeaumont

Louise Beaumont is Head of Public Affairs at GLI Finance and tweets first and foremost from the point of view of an investor. Her interest in alt finance— a UK term for P2P lending, crowdfunding, and other alternatives to traditional financingis clear and present in her tweets, and her observations on the position of women in that aspect of the business have been quoted in American Banker.


Ron Shevlin @rshevlin

Director of Research at Cornerstone Advisors Ron Shevlin has a strong, personal, and jocular voice on Twitter. However, he also offers practical financial advice on how to use technology to work smarter rather than harder, as he did in this discussion of tech tools for personal finance in Forbes.

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