Hacking Social Justice @ USC

On Friday, we announced our developer relations function at Xpring, which includes engaging developers all over the world at events such as hackathons.

This weekend, Xpring sponsored HackSC, where hundreds of developers gathered to build new projects that focus on solving social justice problems across four different verticals: civil rights, sustainability, equity and mental health.

Xpring awarded prizes to the top three teams that used Xpring tools and services to build creative ways to help improve any of the four social justice verticals.

Team “Finch” decided to hack civil rights by building a “Voice Over ILP” (VOILP) intelligent agent called Atticus for immigrants to call, upon detainment, and get free legal support, powered by Interledger (ILP) and XRP. We were impressed by Team Finch’s vision, creativity, presentation and overall execution using the power of what ILP and XRP can do together.

Team Finch

Decentralizedpeertopeerpaymentsystem” Team sought to solve mental health issues by building a Venmo-like platform on XRP for people in Central America to reward each other for being good humans. We were impressed by the team’s use of incentives to help improve mental health in Central America.

Team Decentralizedpeertopeerpaymentsystem

Team “Objective Koala” tackled sustainability by building a simple, fun, browser-based 8-bit video game to catch Koalas and donate XRP to help save Koalas from the wildfires in Australia. We were inspired by Team Objective Koala’s ability to use their newly learned JavaScript skills and love for Koalas to make something enjoyable and useful for the planet.

Team Objective Koala

We hosted a few workshops to help developers learn how to best use Xpring to easily insert payments into their products. Elliot Lee, a USC Alum and also Xpring’s Lead Engineer for APIs, presented a demo and overview of Xpring’s tools and services.

Elliot Lee
Warren Paul Anderson

Xpring plans to sponsor, host and attend many hackathons in 2020. If you want to track any upcoming hackathons and more events on Xpring’s calendar, then check out the list on our community page.

Xpring DevRel Team

See you on the road and/or in the forum!