Introducing Matthew Fettig

matthew2This month, we welcomed another talented developer from the Ripple community to the Ripple Labs team – Matthew Fettig. Matthew, a JavaScript developer, has already begun building some exciting stuff, which we’ll share with you in the near future. Here’s more about Matthew:

“I grew up in Petoskey, MI and spent several years in Austin, TX developing applications for business and inventory management, analytics, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

“I began learning about economics, currencies and financial markets around the time of the financial crisis in 2007-2008, and had been watching bitcoin for a few years from the sidelines. When bitcoin’s value spiked at the beginning of this year, I started looking around to see what alternative math-based currencies were out there, and found Ripple. I’m excited to work on this project because I believe Ripple provides what the world needs right now – access to deflationary and asset-backed alternatives to fiat currency. I am excited to be at the forefront of a movement.

“Outside developing for Ripple, I’ve got wide range of interests.  I love traveling, new experiences and adventures. I enjoy creating works of art (mostly oil paintings), remodeling houses, volleyball, Sunday afternoon naps, and being a husband and father.”

Welcome, Matthew!