Introducing the New Ripple Trade Client

Ripple Trade

Ripple Labs is excited to announce the official launch of Ripple Trade (, our rebranded version of the Ripple Client (

Trading has rapidly become the number one use case of Ripple. Our vision for Ripple Trade is a robust trading product optimized for performance, compliance and security.

The release of Ripple Trade follows a two-month soft launch during which we ironed out bugs and introduced new features and fixes based on community feedback. For instance, one common suggestion was to remove password requests in order to submit transactions, which traders found annoying. We’ve now provided an option to disable the feature.

What’s new

  • Fast and easy activation. Users can now activate and fund their account with BTC using btc2ripple (powered by SnapSwap). Gateways looking to integrate with Ripple Trade can contact us at:
  • Convenient transfers. Users can send and receive funds using Ripple names by signing up for a new account or migrating an existing one. Read more about Ripple names below.
  • Improved security. We’ve made a number of improvements to enhance the security of the client such as rate limiting and a blobvault upgrade.
  • A more intuitive interface. Based on user data, we’ve optimized Ripple Trade for the most common use cases. It’s now easier than ever to access the most popular features.
  • Smarter trading. Warnings will be issued for orders more than 5 percent off the market price, safeguards have been implemented against high network fees, and transactions now time out after 10-15 seconds. We’ve also added the ability to delete unwanted trust lines.

What’s next

  • Security. We’re working on 2-factor authentication, another popular security request.
  • Compliance. We’re building better tools for gateways to verify and know their customers.
  • Performance. We’re optimizing page load times, especially for trade and history pages.

Ultimately, Ripple Trade will replace the current web client, and a full migration of all existing accounts will take place later this summer. As always, we’re grateful for the community’s ongoing efforts to help us make Ripple the best it can possibly be.


I need instructions!

Visit our help center for tips and to report support issues:

How do I migrate?

Go to and click “Migrate”. You’ll be prompted to enter your credentials from, and go through the migration flow, where you’ll select a Ripple name. Your secret key and contacts will remain the same. Once you migrate, you’ll no longer be able to sign in on The instructions for doing so are here.

What happens to my account on

If you migrate your account to Ripple Trade, your old account will be removed from

What’s a Ripple name?

Ripple names are namespaces that work in conjunction with the Ripple address system. Using Ripple Trade, you can reserve a Ripple name, which is unique and public, much like the current Ripple address.

A Ripple name is preceded by a ‘~’. For example, if your Ripple name is ~WorldGateway, other users can send you funds by using ~WorldGateway in the send field. They will also be able to see that funds were sent to them from ~WorldGateway. The Ripple name is case insensitive, so ~worldgateway works, too.

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