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Investing in Agoric

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At Xpring we believe the future is interoperable. Data, value and computation will be capable of moving cross chain and applications will need to be supported by interoperable infrastructure. We are actively making investments in this future, which is why we are excited to announce that we have invested in Agoric.

The smart contracts market is growing and Agoric is well positioned to reach a broader market. Agoric enables developers to safely build secure smart contracts and new digital assets that can connect to public and private blockchains. They are focused on creating an interoperable smart contracts platform that is accessible to mainstream developers. As members of the JavaScript standards committee, the Agoric team created subsets of JavaScript SES and Jessie. Native JavaScript developers will be able to build agoric smart contracts in an accessible language.

The Agoric team includes Mark S. Miller, a smart contracts expert and leader, Dean Tribble, Mike Jablon, Kate Sills and Brian Warner. They are a team of tech professionals experienced in building and leading teams. Their extensive work in open source communities demonstrate their ability to lead, resolve conflict and build for a broad audience.

To learn more about agoric, please visit their website at To stay in the loop, you can also follow them on Twitter at @agoric, sign up for their newsletter, and star their repos on Github.

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