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For us at Ripple, the last week has been exhilarating. On October 2nd, we launched Xpring, an open platform for money that makes it easy for developers of any kind to integrate money into their business. Today we’re pleased to announce that Xpring has invested in BRD, one of the oldest and most respected crypto wallets in the industry. BRD will build on Xpring to support and integrate XRP into the BRD wallet, which will enable their customers to hold, buy/sell, spend, and send XRP to anyone in the world.

BRD leverages the possibilities cryptocurrencies offer by giving consumers complete control over their own money in their non-custodial wallet. This could lead to new kinds of decentralized financial services (DeFi) such as decentralized banking, lending, and peer-to-peer transactions that require no intermediaries and work best on fast, reliable, and open-source ledgers like XRP. Transactions on the XRP Ledger settle in just 4 seconds and cost fractions of a penny. Companies like BRD are turning to XRP for these unique capabilities, vital to solving scalability issues with Bitcoin.

The newly launched Xpring platform includes a Xpring SDK that allows programmers to integrate XRP into their apps in multiple-programming languages, as well as a variety of tools for development on XRP, including an XRP Network Explorer and a new XRP Ledger Devnet. These are just the first of many developer tools and services that we plan on building.

BRD is the fastest-growing consumer mobile crypto wallet, with currently 2.5 million+ users in 170 countries. The company is enjoying rapid growth in key metrics, such as MAU and transaction volume. In the crowded wallets arena, we view the founders as the people pushing the boundaries of innovation in the space. We think the company has the right team, technologies and consumer-first approach required to drive mainstream adoption of XRP across a myriad of new use cases.

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