2023 New Value Report

Investing in Keyless

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An Authentication and Identity Solution

At Xpring, we believe in horizontal technologies designed with interoperability in mind that easily integrate across networks. Unblocking the path to adoption and accessibility for new technologies, like the Internet of Value, is a high priority.

Accessibility becomes particularly challenging when looking at identity authentication technologies. The challenges associated with identity are often fragmented across determining identity, associated access, government influence and defining verification. While such complexities can prevent adoption for solutions across platforms, we believe in technologies that service markets with a laser-focused product.

Enter Keyless — the first biometric authentication and identity management platform to leverage secure multi-party computation. Led by top privacy and security experts, Keyless’ mission is to prioritize security and privacy for users by providing authentication as a service.

By leveraging advancements in biometric technology, Keyless’ deep tech will eradicate unnecessary reliance on weak authentication methods — such as passwords, secret answers and recovery phrases. Keyless removes the burden on organizations to store sensitive data on centralized servers, which are frequently targeted during cyber attacks.

We are excited to announce that we have made an investment in Keyless. As we continue expanding the Xpring ecosystem, we look for potential partners who will support Interledger and our vision for the Internet of Value — like Keyless and its world-class team.

Keyless has started beta testing integrations for its first product, the Keyless Authenticator. To sign up for a demo, please visit keyless.io

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