Join the Interledger Community Meeting


Interoperability is the holy grail. Image: Shutterstock

We’d like to invite you to join us for the first face-to-face meeting of the Interledger community.

Back in October, we were thrilled to introduce the Interledger Protocol (ILP): a scalable, universal solution for payments across payment networks. Since then, excitement has been building as more and more people recognize the value of a global standard for payments.

We’ve hosted two webinars to share the vision for ILP and its vital importance in building the Internet of Value. As Ripple CEO Chris Larsen explains it in American Banker, the best payment systems in the world are still struggling to solve the problem of interoperability:

“Things might work well within a country or payment system — some countries are very real-time and super-efficient, others are trying to catch up. But even for the ones that are real-time cutting edge, there’s still the problem of no interoperability between even the best systems.”

In discovering uses and examining cases where ILP can solve that problem, Ripple has been proud to contribute and facilitate the building of this community.

Community members are encouraged to contribute agenda suggestions via the mailing list. Regular updates on ILP are available on Facebook, Twitter, and through the W3C Community Group.

The W3C Interledger Payments Community Group will meet at Ripple’s San Francisco headquarters to discuss the use cases for ILP and begin laying out a roadmap for the advancement of the protocol. We encourage those interested but unable to attend in person to register and attend remotely. We look forward to hearing from and sharing ILP with the world.

Registration and details here.