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Interledger.js Joins the JavaScript Foundation

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Today, the creators of the Interledger Protocol (ILP) are proud to announce that their project has been accepted into the new JavaScript Foundation Mentorship Program. The JavaScript Foundation, recently made a Linux Foundation Project, is an organization dedicated to help JavaScript applications and server-side projects discover and cultivate best practices and policies, with the ultimate goal of promoting diverse contributions to the community for long-term sustainability.

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As a founding member of the JavaScript Foundation, Ripple is contributing Interledger.js to be part of this project. Interledger enables instant payments and micropayments in any currency, across any payment networks using the Interledger Protocol (ILP). JavaScript Foundation chose to include and support ILP in order to encourage development in web payments and the standardization of online payment processes, one of the many uses of the protocol.

ILP co-creator and Ripple CTO Stefan Thomas is honored by the news, and offered this:

“In the year since the ILP white paper release, we’ve been stunned with the level of interest in and demand for better ways to transfer money globally. We’re excited to be a launch partner of the new JS Foundation as this will introduce a whole new community of developers to Interledger and provide a long term home for ongoing development. We can’t wait to see what awesome use cases we’ll see over the next year around micropayments, financial access, remittance and beyond.”

Thomas, included in the 2016 LinkedIn Next Wave list of top finance professionals under 35, recently published an explanation on the limits of blockchain technology, emphasizing the need for a shared standard for the interoperation of disparate payment systems. Inclusion in the JavaScript Foundation and the Linux Foundation is another step toward those goals for Interledger and the Internet of Value.

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