Looking Forward to NACHA #PAYMENTS2016


If you’ll be at NACHA #PAYMENTS2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, we hope to see you there. We’re looking forward to events on each different track, and we want to share our picks for the best way to spend your time in order to get the most out of this event.

Pre-conference Workshops

If you’re in town before the conference gets started, you may want to check out a few events Our pick is Justin Dombrowski’s primer on Understanding Blockchain. his 1.5 hour talk will help acclimate those who want to learn more about one of the most important technological shifts in payments today. If you’re just getting started on blockchain or just need a refresher, this is a great option.

ACH: Now & Next

The continued evolution of ACH transactions is moving toward the goal of same-day settlement. This process is difficult, and it represents only a small part of the urgent move toward faster payments. In order to see ACH in this context, we recommend attending this panel. Presented by representatives from KPMG, D+H, and Corporate One Federal Credit Union, this panel will get into same-day payroll, B2B payments, and A2A transfers.

Surety: Rules, Regs, and Risk

A real-time payments system will require different security and and usability features. This panel will look at real-time systems already functioning in some countries and what the nations that follow can learn from their example.

Impact: Trends & Technology

Ripple CEO Chris Larsen will be part of the  panel that addresses the slow, uncertain, and costly nature of our current cross-border payment system. With The Bancorp’s Cheryl Gurz and Wells Fargo’s Michael Knorr, Larsen will explore innovative solutions like Ripple in the context of real-time visible payments, and what’s in store for the future.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will make payments made by nonhuman economic actors an everyday reality. This panel will examine a world of payments without borders, discussing Bitcoin, Ripple, and same-day ACH.

Strategy: Plan and Position

The Federal Reserve Faster Payments Task Force will present on its mission seek out and develop effective approaches for faster payments and settlement.  Ripple’s Director of Regulatory Relations, Ryan Zagone, will join the panel, along with representatives from the Chicago Fed, Walmart, U.S. Bank, and Consumer Reports.

Envisioning what the future of payments will look like is no easy task. The payment system of the next century must facilitate end-to-end processing with transparency, as well as operating between disparate systems and settling in real time. Ben Milne, CEO of Dwolla takes on this vision in his discussion of what the future should look like. 

Buzz: Disrupt and Debate

This panel will endeavor to separate the hype from the reality by examining start-ups’ use of blockchain technology to solve real problems, and projecting what is possible based on what past use cases have proven.

Continuing in the theme of blockchain buzz, IBM will present Blockchain Technology: Amplify Your Enterprise. After describing the company as “all in on blockchain,” Director of Blockchain Global Offerings John Wolpert will discuss the promise of blockchain for enterprise, looking past its disruptive reputation to its potential to transform existing business processes as well as peer-to-peer payments.

Please come visit our booth at #333 to view our payment demo or speak with our team. We look forward to every part of this event!

If you’re unable to attend, follow Ripple on Twitter for updates, or check in on tweets about the event using #PAYMENTS2016.