Looking Forward to Sibos 2016


Ripple’s booth at Sibos 2015 was a very popular spot. 

For the fourth year, Ripple is excited to participate in Sibos, the world’s premier financial services event, taking place in Geneva from September 26-29.  

This year, Sibos is focused on “transforming the landscape” — a goal that Ripple shares with the entire fintech community.  

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The conference presents opportunities to hear from innovators, decision makers, and experts about evolving payments and securities trends, innovation, opportunities in technology and other hot topics that are transforming the landscape.  

Every year, we look forward to the opportunity to be a part of the conversation.

At Sibos 2016, we are most excited to hear about:

  • Reinventing correspondent banking: Where next? “Under ever greater pressure from their corporate customers to improve the cross-border payments experience – and challenged by the growing number of digital innovators – over 45 of world’s largest transaction banks teamed up in December 2015 to rethink the traditional correspondent banking model. Committed to offering new B2B cross-border payments with greater speed, transparency and predictability, the piloting of the new service is already underway, and the first results will be shared at Sibos. While the train has clearly left the station, technological developments and customer expectations are evolving at an exponential rate and many questions remain: Will banks be able to keep up? Is there a business case for coopetition with fin-tech companies? Where can back-offices be streamlined? Join this session to debate what the banking industry’s next move should be.”
  • Blockchain 2020 – what next for adoption by the financial industry? “What are the technical and business impediments holding back the adoption of distributed ledger / blockchain technology? With multiple use cases in securities, payments and trade finance being discussed, how can the industry deliver on the promise of a frictionless and decentralised exchange of value and asset ownership? What is the role of consortiums such as the Linux Foundation Hyperledger project and other vendor ecosystems? Will cybersecurity be a driver or a hurdle for adoption? In this session, our panel will debate the technical and privacy barriers that need to be crossed to enable this technology to have a transformative impact on the financial industry.”
  • Payments interoperability across communities and currencies “Domestic real-time retail payments systems are offering reach and ubiquity in many smaller communities through indirect memberships and service hubs. In larger communities, such as the U.S. and Euro-zone, multiple operators are positioning their solutions. But the desire (or obligation within a single currency zone) to interoperate comes with new challenges: how can operators guarantee finality to each other within seconds? Can instant payment confirmations be returned instantly through multiple players? What is the role banks can play in ensuring interoperability?”

Since last year’s event, we have expanded our network to include 12 of the top 50 banks, including Santander, UniCredit, UBS, Reisebank, CIBC, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, ATB Financial and Mizuho.

Ripple’s booth will be showing live demos of our enterprise-grade solution for cross-border payments in space F60. Contact us to schedule a meeting in Geneva.