Looking Forward to Davos 2016

The city of Davos hosts the yearly World Economic Forum gathering committed to improving the state of the world. Photo: Biovit

We are honored that our CEO and co-founder Chris Larsen will be participating in the World Economic Forum’s 46th Annual Meeting, held in Davos, Switzerland from January 20-23.

This year, the world’s leading policymakers and business leaders will join together to discuss the ways that technologies and geopolitical transformations impact society and the global economy. Participants will discuss the rapid changes the world economy faces today, defining the task before us as “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution.” These changes represent nothing less than that— a turning point in history that affects every aspect of daily life. The Internet has forever changed our speed, access, and scale of available information; now every industry struggles to catch up and deliver goods and services at that same rate and on the same global scale. The promise of this struggle rests on our globally aligned understanding of how technology can be used to achieve that goal of interoperable immediacy.  

Ripple’s CEO and co-founder Chris Larsen will participate in the event as a 2015 WEF Technology Pioneer, representing distributed financial technologies.

We are looking forward to participating in several conversations listed in the preliminary program, including:

  • The Transformation of Finance
    • Including digitization of services, regulatory compliance, privacy and systemic connectedness
  • The Fintech Revolution
    • Focusing on unlocking the high-potential opportunities critical to success in the emerging financial ecosystem
  • Fostering Financial Inclusion
    • Examining the power of technology to increase access and affordability of financial service to disadvantaged people all over the world

These topics point towards the absolute necessity for greater interoperability in the future of finance. Interoperability will impact finance as an industry, connecting financial services more seamlessly, improving the experience of individual bank customers, and bringing the underbanked into the financial ecosystem. The WEF recognizes the seismic shifts taking place in the way the world holds and moves money, and Ripple is proud to further the conversation as industry leader in fintech by providing infrastructure solutions to make those shifts possible.

Many of these sessions will be webcast for those who wish to follow along from around the world.

To request a meeting with Ripple at Davos, please contact us here.