Meet New Talent on Our Tech Team

We continue to build out our Tech team of super talents to contribute code to Ripple and create direct-to-consumer apps. Please meet the latest team member additions.

Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 2.59.25 PMKevin Johnson, Head of Mobile Development

Role: Leads mobile app development.

Credits: Co-founded and served as core developer of ZeroBlock. Created various iOS and web apps related to Bluetooth, mobile payments and general productivity.

Favorite things: Bitcoins, computers, traveling and reading.

Why he joined: “The idea of decentralized digital currencies is here to stay and I want to be a part of this new technology.”


headshot2_right (1)J. Lynn, Head of Technology Operations

Role: Provides technical operations expertise to improve the operational characteristics of Ripple Labs’ software. Improves the reliability, speed and stability of Ripple Labs’ information services.

Credits: Ran multiple data centers and data delivery networks for a global software load balancer and peer-to-peer content distribution network. Deployed and managed hundreds of servers and multiple services. Contributes to multiple open-source projects.

Favorite things: Working on interesting problems, novelty and my partner.

Why he joined: “I joined Ripple to try to make the world more efficient and more conducive to free trade. Anyone is free to fill any role: market maker, gateway, customer. All roles are equivalent. The enforcement of regulation within the system lives where the backing value of IOUs are exchanged – at the gateways, not within the system itself or in the exchange of value within the system. This makes the system universally acceptable but locally compliant via the gateway. This is what made the Internet so powerful and this is what will make Ripple a platform for global value exchange.”


Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 3.20.12 PMSteven Zeiler, Engineer

Role: Develops apps and architecture

Credits: Built and maintained the yoga-finding mobile app, For years, experimented with alternative currencies, building several silver coin-based apps and most recently, a mobile app that sends Bitcoins to friends via social networks.

Favorite Things: Yoga and meditation, monetary theory, flying robots, reading, running up hills and laughing boisterously.

Why he joined: “I joined Ripple in order to contribute more of my time to helping build the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and to learn from and enable the stunningly amazing engineers around Ripple to most effectively drive our monetary revolution.”