Meet the Ripple Labs Summer Intern Class of 2014

Summer Interns 2014

Evan, Daniel, Monica, Marissa, Harisson, and Jeff

There’s the code and then there’s the curves, but behind it all, there’s the people. At Ripple Labs, we’re committed to building a world class team so we’re proud to introduce the class of 2014 of our inaugural summer internship program. Over 10 weeks, Daniel, Monica, Harrison, Evan, Marissa, and Jeff will learn about and help build the future of payments.

We entrust our interns with real responsibility and provide them the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. To the team’s delight delight, our diverse and talented group of interns have dived right in and hit the ground running.

Want to be a Ripple Labs intern? We’re accepting applications for our winter program. Please send your resume and cover letter to

  • Engineering—The coders and cryptographers developing the Ripple protocol and building the tools and software that empower the network.
  • Product—The producers identifying new opportunities and making things happen.
  • Business Development—The movers and shakers attracting partners to the ecosystem.
  • Communications—The storytellers shaping the Ripple narrative.
  • Operations—The conductors and administrators that keep Ripple Labs chugging.
  • Risk and Compliance—The analysts and experts keeping us cool and out of trouble.

Daniel Radding, Developer Relations


I’m thrilled to be with Ripple Labs this summer as a Developer Relations intern. I grew up just across the bay in sleepy Alameda (that place feels like it’s an island or something). I am currently majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Pubic Policy at UC Berkeley. I will be entering my third year in the fall.

I love beautiful and elegant solutions to complex problems. Ripple is a just that. It brings out the computer science student in me; studying Ripple is a blast.

In my free time, I try to get outside. I am a lifelong Giants fan, and I try to get to as many games as possible. Playing soccer is a big outlet for me, I love the beautiful game. Lastly no summer is complete until I’ve gone camping a few times.

I’ve been at Ripple Labs for over month now and it has been fantastic. Ripple labs could not be a more exciting place to work. Everyone here believes the protocol will make the world a better place; the energy is contagious. This summer I’ll be working to help get more awesome people hacking and building products on Ripple. I can’t wait to help expand the Ripple Developer community!

Monica Adhia, Product


I am joining Ripple Labs this summer as a Product Management Intern! I just finished my first year at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Before going back to school I worked at Square, which is what sparked my interest in payments.

Prior to that I spent a couple of years at, and also worked in quantitative trading at Citibank in New York City. I did my undergrad in NYC as well, studying Applied Math and Computer Science.

I discovered Ripple this past year while learning about cryptocurrencies and am excited to join the team. I am looking forward to see how the company will transform payments around the world.

Harrison Chilton, Business Development


After recently finishing the first year of my MBA at Stanford, I will be spending the summer as an intern in Business Development at Ripple Labs.  After graduating with a degree in finance and economics from Notre Dame I spent several years in investment banking and then private equity.  While in these industries I was struck by many of the inefficiencies which still exist in the financial system, particularly around the speed and cost of payments.

I became interested in Ripple as a possible solution to many of these issues, most immediately the high cost of international payments.  I also view Ripple as having enormous potential to lower the cost of remittances thus having a large impact near the bottom of the pyramid.

On most weekends I can be found hiking, mountain biking and skiing.

Evan Hubinger, Engineering


I started programming five years ago in middle school. Today it’s what consumes all of my free time. Designing algorithms, optimizing them, creating complex systems, thinking about edge cases–whether or not I was at Ripple, these are the things I would be doing.

But being at Ripple gives me an opportunity to actually produce code that will be used by other people, and better yet on a project, the Ripple network, that I find incredibly exciting, and truly believe will transform the world.

Most of the work I’ve done has been in Python, and it’s the language I’m most comfortable in, but I’m also relatively proficient in JavaScript and Haskell. This is now my second time interning here at Ripple Labs.

Marissa Fetter, People Operations


I am thrilled to be joining the Ripple Labs team this summer as a People Operations MBA intern after recently completing my first year at Harvard Business School. Ripple Labs has an incredibly positive, energetic culture, and I’m honored to have a hand in helping to maintain and shape that environment during this exciting growth stage.

Prior to Ripple Labs I worked in New York City as a Goldman Sachs Analyst and subsequently as a Practice Management Consultant at Merrill Lynch, helping financial advisors run their businesses more effectively. I’m originally from Chicago and a proud UT-Austin Longhorn.

I love traveling, discovering new music, trying new restaurants, dance classes, everything Spanish-related, and I can’t wait to take advantage of everything the west coast has to offer this summer.

Jeff, Engineering


During the 2007 financial crisis I started wondering what caused it and what could be done to prevent another. I thought that a technological solution would be more effective than a political one.

I began with the Thiel Fellowship in 2011 with a mission to change the world of payments. I discovered Ripple Labs a year later and have since done work on data visualizations, cryptography, and web development.

Currently I’m pursuing a bachelor’s in CompSci from MIT, and also enjoy spending my time on such things as music, math, obsolete video games, and hunting for free food.

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