Ripple Labs Joins International Payments Framework Association

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Ripple Labs is thrilled to join the International Payments Framework Association (IPFA), which provides rules sets, best practices, and guidelines to improve cross-border payments.

Composed of over 25 prominent members in the payments space—including the likes of ACH, NACHA, and SWIFT—the IPFA promotes a grand vision for creating a global payments framework that facilitates interoperability and efficient cross-border payment processing.

IPFA is one of a series of membership groups and industry associations that Ripple Labs has joined in order to further our vision of transforming payments. Ripple Labs recently joined the Center for Financial Services Innovation Network and became a member of the NACHA Payment Innovation Alliance in June.

“IPFA rules—when they are appropriately modified for Ripple—helps us create a complete, real-time, cross border payment system,” said Nilesh Dusane, director of business development at Ripple Labs.

“We’re very excited to join this network,” he said.

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