Ripple Labs joins the Center for Financial Services Innovation


Ripple Labs is the newest member of the Center for Financial Services Innovation Network (CFSI), an organization dedicated to improving financial health with an emphasis on reaching the underserved.

“We have long admired CFSI’s work connecting innovative financial institutions and emerging technologies to improve the financial lives of individuals,” said Ripple Labs CEO Chris Larsen. “Ripple is a transformative technology creating a more open and competitive financial system, and we are excited to work with CFSI in leveraging that for a greater good.”

Operating as a network of like-minded financial institutions and innovators, CFSI has become the premier organization for strengthening America’s’ financial health since its inception ten years ago. Just a sampling of the organization’s achievements:

It should be no surprise then that Ripple Labs is thrilled to join an organization possessing not only a remarkable track record but also a set of core values that match our own.

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