Ripple Labs Tech Talk: Understanding Consensus

Over 75 people attended the Ripple Labs Tech Talk for understanding consensus—as part of our ongoing initiative to better educate the broader community about Ripple technology.

Approaching the talk from both a technical and broader industry perspective, Chief Cryptographer David Schwartz discussed the role of innovative banks, the early influences of Bitcoin, and provided a technical history and overview of the core processes underpinning the Ripple protocol.

2015 0020 - Consensus Tech Talk - 03-25-2015 - 0049 - 3694

Guests—who hailed from prominent tech firms, international financial institutions, and various universities—arrived early for a lively happy hour at the Ripple Labs headquarters in downtown San Francisco.

2015 0020 - Consensus Tech Talk - 03-25-2015 - 0096 - 3741

This was the second in the Ripple Labs series of Tech Talks.

2015 0020 - Consensus Tech Talk - 03-25-2015 - 0185 - 3830

In a lively Q&A segment, David answered a wide range of questions, from the technical—such as regarding the robustness of consensus—to the broad—including his take on bank innovation.

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