Ripple Now Multi-lingual, Supports Cash Deposits and More

Ripple client release 0.2.42 includes exciting updates to languages, the Wallet and Trading.

The Ripple client now supports multiple languages. Community members have already completed Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese client translations and are hard at work on many more. You can translate Ripple into your preferred language using TransifexChinese

Also with this release, U.S. users can easily fund their wallets by making cash deposits at ZipZap Payment Centers. The new “Cash In” menu item in the Ripple client directs to a brief sign-up form to create a ZipZap CashTabs number. Users then present their CashTabs number at a ZipZap Payment Center and can make a cash deposit into their Ripple Wallets on the spot.Screen Shot 2014-01-06 at 3.04.13 PM

Today’s release also features improvements to trading in Ripple. Users can now view executed order prices in the Balance and History tabs of their accounts.Screenshot 2014-01-06 15.22.10

And, they can see their available balances in the Trade tab.Screenshot 2014-01-06 15.21.55

Please let us know what you think of the release and stay tuned.