RippleCharts Update

The latest update to RippleCharts (since the revamp) continues the effort to make Ripple network data more accessible and easier to digest.

Network stats can now be adjusted by currency, with added metrics for daily transaction and trade volume.

Network Stats

The total network value is the sum of all XRP as well as all other currencies in the network (on major exchanges).

Another addition is the Value Trends feature, accessed via the navigation menu found in the top left corner of the page.

Here, users can chart capitalization, transaction volume, and trade volume over various ranges of time—weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or max.

Value Trends

By default, all gateways are selected for charting, but can be removed (and then re-selected) by clicking on them.


RippleCharts is open for anyone to use, alter, and embed. The source code is available here.