Rock Chalk, Jay_hack_, KU.

This weekend, Xpring sponsored HackKU, where over 280 student developers gathered to solve problems with innovative projects across three different tracks: learning, financial technology and smart cities.

The University of Kansas is a University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) partner and also runs an XRP Ledger validator, so we were excited to see what Jayhawk developers would come up with over the weekend.

Overall, five dev teams submitted projects to the “Best Use of Xpring” challenge.

It was difficult to narrow the submissions down to one winner. Each of the teams had great ideas. A majority were able to fully execute their plans using Xpring. One was even able to tie together a demo using hardware and software. Ultimately, it came down to a tie breaker.

The winning team, Xtack, won us over by also submitting test code(!). As builders of distributed systems and payment networks, we spend a lot of our time writing and reading test code, so it was awesome to see a team of devs choose to spend some of their 36 hours during the hackathon doing the same.

Xtack used Xpring SDK and XRP to create an incentive based platform for users to submit questions and get answers more quickly. We especially liked their creative idea to use Escrow while the answer is approved by the questioner.  

Xtack also created a way for users to search for questions to answers based on criteria such as: recency, bounty value, or answered status. As frequent users of StackOverflow and Quora, we thought this was an interesting way to get our questions answered faster.

Xpring plans to sponsor, host and attend many hackathons in 2020. If you want to track any upcoming hackathons and more events on Xpring’s calendar, then check out the list on our community page.