Deep Dive into the Xpring Testnet Wallet

Xpring recently launched Xpring for developers—a suite of tools, services, and documentation that helps developers enable payments in their products and apps.

At the center of the dev site is the Xpring Testnet Wallet, which provides an intuitive and easy-to-use testing sandbox for building on XRP. This post explains how to take advantage of all of its features.

Sign Up

To get started with the Xpring Testnet Wallet:

  1. Click login or Get Started on the Xpring homepage:

2. Sign in to the Xpring Testnet Wallet by using your GitHub account:

3. Authorize Xpring Testnet Wallet to access your GitHub account.

Xpring Testnet Wallet only accesses your user ID and other already public information from your GitHub profile.

4. Click Authorize xpring-eng to authorize the connection.

The Xpring Testnet Wallet generates a Xpring Account for you and displays the credentials you’ll need to access it.

Xpring Accounts have three credential elements:

Xpring Alias: A payment pointer in the form of $<YOUR_GITHUB_USERNAME>. Xpring Testnet Wallet maps this alias to the generated XRP Address.

XRP Address: An XRPL address generated through the XRPL Testnet Faucet in the X-Address format, where T denotes that it was generated on the Testnet.

Seed: The 16 byte value from which all other cryptographic keys associated with the account are derived. Write down this value and keep it in a safe place. If you lose it, you lose full control of the account and all XRP it contains.

Send XRP

To send XRP via Xpring Testnet Wallet:

  1. Go to the Send tab:

2. Specify the amount you want to send:

The minimum amount you can send is 20 XRP. The maximum amount you can send is your total XRP balance less 20 XRP. This is to ensure that your account meets the XRPL reserve requirement.

You can see your account’s balance in the Latest Transactions section:

3. Specify the destination address:

You can use traditional XRPL addresses, X-addresses, or Xpring Aliases.

5. Click Send!

The Latest Transactions section updates to reflect the new balance.

Receive XRP

To receive XRP at your new address:

  1. Go to the Receive tab.

2. Copy the value in the Xpring Address or Receiving Account field.

Use one of the following tools to send XRP:

  • The Send tab in Xpring Testnet Wallet. You can specify the Xpring Alias or X-Address here.
  • The Transaction Sender on You must use the X-Address for this tool.

3. The Balances section updates to display the new balances and the received funds.

Unlock Your Account

If you sign out of Xpring Testnet Wallet, you’ll need to provide the Seed value in the login screen to continue using the same wallet.

Or, you can create a new wallet and start the process over.

Interested in Learning More?

Xpring Testnet Wallet is intended to provide a simple GUI interface to get up and running quickly. If you are interested in digging deeper or learning more, check out our full developer docs on Xpring.