WEF Report: Distributed Financial Technology Goes Mainstream by 2027

A new survey from the World Economic Forum found that distributed financial technology could enter the mainstream in as little as twelve years.

In this case, the tipping point is defined as ten percent of global GDP being stored on distributed ledgers. That’s a lot of value. Ten percent of global GDP today is roughly $8 trillion.

The Technology Tipping Points survey gathered responses from “over 800 executives and experts from the information and communications technology sector” and was conducted by the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society, which has a mandate to “help society navigate the impacts of the shifts to come.”

This transition to a distributed solution will have numerous positive impacts including but not limited to increased financial inclusion, an “explosion” in tradeable assets and increased transparency, according to the report.

Ripple Labs was included in the WEF’s list of Technology Pioneers 2015 last month.

Check out the WEF’s Technology Tipping Points report.

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