2023 New Value Report

What Defines Ripple’s Engineering Culture

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Have you ever been part of a team that you genuinely wanted to hang out with outside of work? This is a rare experience at most companies, but at Ripple you are surrounded by friends and family. 

As a member of the product and engineering team, this is just one aspect that makes our team successful. Building on top of Ripple’s culture and company values, the team has established three core principles that permeate every decision we make to achieve our organizational goal—change how the world moves money.

We Are Team Players 
Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has a saying, “there are no jerks allowed here.” This is really the case at Ripple. Our team is built on comradery and collaboration—it is never “I” when solving a problem, it is always “we.” Each team member is ready to roll up their sleeves and help their teammates at any given moment. 

We Are Transparent 
Ripple is direct, open and embraces tough conversations. Every Monday, a member of our executive team shares visibility into the organization’s inner workings. The level of transparency provided is rare for any company and ensures the entire organization has a clear understanding of our mission and the decisions being made to get us there. 

We Have Fun
Genuine friendships are created at Ripple. We are on a journey together and we celebrate the milestones through regular team and company-wide events, like overnight hackathons and family BBQs. 

In addition, a large part of what makes Ripple an exciting startup is the real impact that can be accomplished here. Unlike other startups, we have the resources to facilitate our efforts and solve a global problem. As a result, our main challenge is how we can think bigger and be even more innovative.  

How We Hire
At Ripple, we are rapidly scaling our business to enable freer, faster global value exchange. Today, we announced operations in Iceland to further expand our presence in Europe. In addition, we are thrilled to welcome a new team of engineers with the acqui-hire of Icelandic crypto trading firm Algrim.

Remarkable teams are being built at Ripple as a result of our company culture and principles. We look for teammates who love what they do and are passionate about solving a global problem that does not have a straightforward answer. Our ongoing success directly relates to the team we are building, our company values and collaborative culture.

Ripple is on a mission to transform global payments. The organization is made up of individuals who each bring something new to the team. Their experiences and backgrounds are different, allowing us to generate bold ideas and solutions together. 

Does this sound like a company and mission you’re interested in being a part of? We are hiring!

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