World Community Grid Welcomes Ripple Labs as a Partner

wcg3We recently announced Computing for Good – a global XRP giveaway that rewards donating computing power to World Community Grid. The program pools computing power and makes it available to scientific researchers, who are working to solve big problems in the world.

We’re very excited to become an official World Community Grid partner today! The World Community Grid team has been very supportive of Computing for Good and what the Ripple Labs team has contributed to the platform. Our more than 8,600 team members have contributed more than 1,500 years of run time to help advance scientific research. Thank you to our outstanding team!

To get a sense of World Community Grid’s real world impact, you can read published research made possible by the program here. As one example, the Clean Energy Project powered simulations over the course of three years to identify compounds that may convert sunlight to electricity via World Community Grid. In June 2013, the research team announced that they had cataloged 2.3 million organic, carbon-based compounds and identified 1,000 that may be used in solar cells with 11 percent efficiency in converting sunlight to electricity.

To join the team, please register at After you complete registration, you can see how you’re doing by logging in at Happy computing.

Post updated Dec 17, 2013 at 11:42am PT. Changed mentions of WCG to World Community Grid.