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Xpring December Launch Event Recap

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At Ripple, we are committed to our vision to enable the Internet of Value (IoV) where money moves as quickly and easily as information does today on the Internet. The IoV has the potential to provide the world the ability to make instant, global transactions and give rise to entirely new businesses and industries.

Xpring was launched to further Ripple’s vision of the IoV by building a community of developers building with XRP and Interledger. In October, we announced Xpring as Ripple’s open developer platform for money – with the objective of providing the 23M worldwide developers the ability to easily integrate money into their apps.

We want every developer in the world to build on Xpring. We want to make Xpring the simplest way for you to put money into your app.

Earlier this week, we were excited to bring the platform to life by launching Xpring.io, a developer site that will serve as a hub for developers to access tools, services and documentation that help enable payments in their products and apps. We also shared our contributions on several new updates to the Xpring SDK, XRP Ledger, and Interledger.

Xpring December Launch Event

To celebrate the launch of the developer site, we hosted a launch event on Tuesday, December 10th, at the Mezzanine in San Francisco. We were joined by 200+ developers and Xpring community members who were curious and excited to see what we have been up to.

Since our announcement in October, we have been meeting with developers to spread the word and get their feedback on Xpring as the open platform for money. We have engaged with 3000+ developers at various events across the globe including San Francisco Blockchain Week, University College of London Hackathon, and Singapore FinTech Festival. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive about our mission.

We’ve also been building – making sure that we delivered on our promise as a developer platform. Doug, our VP of Engineering, showcased the features of the new xpring.io developer site (how-to guide here), as well as highlighted the improvements to the Xpring SDK. To reiterate the value and ease of Xpring, Doug demoed Zendo, a charity-meditation app that uses the dev site and SDK to donate XRP while meditating.

The core thing you’re looking out of a platform is predictability. And all the best practices are coded by default in the Xpring SDK

To cap off the programming, our friends at Forte, BitGo, Blockchain Capital, and BRD joined Danny, our Senior Director of Partnerships, in a discussion on building developer communities and gaining adoption from the mainstream developer market.

Doug demoing Zendo, a meditation app that builds on Xpring

What’s Next

The xpring.io developer site, wallet and Xpring SDK are just the beginning. We plan to build many more tools and services to continue to make Xpring the standard open platform for money.

Thank you, Mezzanine SF, for hosting us in your amazing space! And thank you to all the Xpring community members that celebrated our launch with us!

Join us in bringing money to the Internet. Sign up at xpring.io. Follow our progress on Twitter @XpringDev

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