XRP for Education: Ripple Labs Donates XRP to Project A.B.L.E.

At its fundraising event last week, Project A.B.L.E. (Aid on Behalf of Literacy and Education) accepted a donation of XRP from Ripple Labs. Project A.B.L.E. board member Ali Samadi shared with the crowd “the revolutionary potential of Ripple” and announced the organization will explore ways to send payments directly to projects in Africa via Ripple, since 3-4 percent processing fees and 3-day processing timeframes detract from their ability to help the community.

As Samadi alludes to, Ripple is a fast and highly cost-effective way for charitable organizations to accept donations. GiveDirectly, a platform for donors to provide direct transfer resources to the extreme poor, recently began accepting donations via Ripple.

Project A.B.L.E. is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting literacy and providing educational opportunities for children and their families in the developing world. The organization invests in discrete projects – typically funding the construction and/or operation of schools, libraries, and educational centers – that are then operated and managed by members of the local community, with whom Project A.B.L.E. deals with directly. Recently completed projects include the Jifundishe Free Library in Tanzania and the Mathare Education Center in Nairobi. Learn more about their efforts in the video below.


Post updated 11/12/13 at 9:32am PT – Updated Samadi’s paraphrased quote to say “3-4 percent processing fees and 3-day processing timeframes.”