XRP for Prosperity: 888 XRP Giveaway Open in China

As the math-based currency phenomenon sweeps China, Ripple Labs is giving away 888 XRP to qualifying Weibo users! To participate, please visit giveaway.ripple.com/zh. An open, decentralized payment network, Ripple is the fastest and cheapest way to send money around the world. Giveaway participants will have the chance to experiment with Ripple – send, spend and trade money, as well as build businesses and new applications on top of it.

At today’s IDG Ventures’ 2013 Internet Financial Innovation Summit, Ripple Labs CEO Chris Larsen addressed the audience via video to announce the giveaway. He teed up the news with a few words about the potential of Ripple:

Just like with education and healthcare, access to financial services is a fundamental building block to how our families and countries succeed. With the changes in technology today, there’s never been a more exciting time to propel the lives of so many millions of people in China, America and across the world.

That’s why I’m so excited about the math-based currency movement. Many of you think of this movement as being about creating a new currency but really that’s the tip of the iceberg. This is about value exchange and building a value web in same way we already have an information web… This should allow businesses to operate more efficiently, boost trade tremendously, and help billions more people around the world succeed financially.

We’ve seen strong adoption associated with XRP giveaways. In the past four months, the number of Ripple Wallets have more than doubled. We’ll continue to extend giveaways to new regions as possible.

吉利的 XRP: 888 XRP 赠送在中国展开
。从今天起,Ripple 实验室 (Ripple Labs Inc.) 有资格的微博用户赠送 888 XRP. 要想参与,请访问 giveaway.ripple.com/zh. 作为一个开放,去中心化的支付网络,Ripple 是向世界各个角落发送钱的最快最便宜的方式。获得赠送的用户将有机会尝试使用 Ripple, 发送、花费和交易货币,甚至是基于 Ripple 开发新的商业和应用。
在今天的硅谷对话北京 — 2013互联网金融创新峰会上,Ripple 实验室的 CEO Chris Larsen 通过视频,向观众宣布了这一赠送活动。除了赠送的消息之外,他还对 Ripple 的潜力说了些话:
这就是我对基于数学的货币的发展感到兴奋的原因。也许很多人认为这个发展就是创造一种新货币,但这只是冰山一角。关键是建立一个价值交换体系和价值网络,就像我们建立了信息网络一样… 这将允许商业发展更有效,极大地促进交易,并把数十亿人推向经济自由。
每次送币我们都能看见用户大量增长。在过去四个月中,Ripple 钱包的数量增长了超过一倍。我们将继续努力,尽可能地把赠送活动推向世界的各个角落。