ripple is the first platform to leverage all the advantages of the internet for money transfer — for global reach, faster speed, and practically no fees.

Practically free

ripple charges no merchant fees or discount rates. Other internet payment systems still require interaction with a bank, ACH, or credit card network — ripple doesn’t. There is a vanishingly small fee required by the network for every transaction (1/1000th of a cent), solely for security purposes and not for profit. Any additional transaction fee will come from your negotiated relationship with a ripple gateway. Transactions in Ripples are always free (except for that security fee we just mentioned, required by the network and not collected by any person or institution).

Open and global

Reach markets everywhere. Your customers can be anyone in the world. They can pay in any currency, and you get paid in your preferred one. Currency exchange at the best available rate in the platform is automatic.

Good for micropayments

In the ripple system, micropayments make sense. Thanks to ripple’s practically nonexistent fees.

No chargebacks

All payments in ripple are irreversible. So once you’ve made a sale, you can be sure it’s final.

Easy to integrate

Set up your service within minutes with the ripple API.


Since ripple doesn’t require the traditional banking, EFT, or credit card networks, ripple transfers money in seconds. No waiting for periodic authorizing, batching, clearing, or funding.

Easy to use

ripple is simple to use for merchants and customers. Customers will be able to pay with one click. You’ll be able to manage payments just as easily.